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Welcome to Worf's Star Trek page! I am a big fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager. I'm sorry that DS9 is finished, but on the other hand, a bit like TNG, it was running a little bit thin on ideas at times towards the end. Voyager seems (end of season 5) to be really on a roll. Great characters, lots of variety of stories, etc. The big question is, what next? Will they fill the gap left by the departure from our screens of our pals on DS9? We'll just have to wait and see I guess!

I liked the movies (1-6) also but was never really an avid fan of Star Trek: The Original Series. Star Trek: Generations was a real disappointment. It was weak all around except for in effects (mind you, they weren't astoundingly better than on TV, really) and that there were a couple of good funny moments, mainly involving Data. His "Life forms" song ranks as about the best bit of the movie! Now that we've been given another Star Trek movie, Star Trek: First Contact (my review), I get to comment on that. I think it was great! After the disappointment of Generations, First Contact was a wonderful change. It was a real TNG film, without trying to drag the TOS crew into it. I felt that Star Trek: Insurrection (my review) was an improvement even on First Contact, but with slight reservations.

Anyway, you don't want to hear about what I think of Star Trek... You want to find information, get sounds, images, and so on. I have created links from this page to other Star Trek related pages and ftp sites so you can use this page as a starting point to explore the vast amount of information available through the World Wide Web.

Ode To Spot is a poem that Leiutenant Commander Data wrote and recited in the episode Schisms. It is often asked for in the various Star Trek UseNet newsgroups, so here it is, in hypertext form! Here is the answer for all of you who are getting frankly miffed about people constantly asking for this. Just point 'em in the direction of this web page in future. I've certainly decided I just couldn't be bothered answering a few times when this question comes up for the nth time. If you have any suggestions for simple things like this to hypertextualise and toss up here on the web, tell me. If it's small and isn't going to take up too much valuable hard disk space, I'll certainly consider it!

This is one of the long-standing parts of this trek site; another one of those things that people ask for a lot. The Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition. Just point 'em here! It has most of the known rules listed. It has all the rules listed in Pocket Books' Ferengi Rules of Acquisition book, and some others from the assorted TV series.


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