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WARNING: The following are all humour, and should not be taken seriously. They should not be taken to be the views of me, or any other person. If you do not have a sense of humour, please do not proceed. :)

Star Trek Humour Here

=/\= Star Trek: The Next Generation: Deep Space Nine: Dr Who: The Search for Spoons

=/\= Reasons why Captain Janeway is better than Captain Picard

=/\= Your Starship Captain Might Just be a Redneck If...

=/\= Star Trek Lost Episodes

=/\= What if Data were MS-Windows Compatible?

=/\= 20 Plots You'll Never See on Star Trek: The Next Generation

=/\= If Dr. Seuss Wrote For Star Trek

=/\= 46 Things Which Never Happen in Star Trek

=/\= Top Ten Bumper Stickers for the Starship Enterprise

=/\= The Star Trekkin' song by The Firm! (also in mp3 format)

Note: These humour items were NOT written by me. This is just a collection of trek humour items gathered from all over the place. Credit has been given where known. If credit should have been given and has not been, please e-mail me with the details of what credit should be given.

Star Trek Humour Elsewhere

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